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What Can I Give My Dog For Anxiety

CBD For Dogs

Dogs sometimes struggle to cope with the changing world around them and often develop anxiety and stress due to environmental factors, as well as having a genetic predisposition for anxiety. Many dogs struggle to handle situations like thunderstorms, fireworks, and other loud manmade and natural events. Some dogs struggle with anxiety due to separation from owners and even around children or certain genders. Due to health problems, such as blindness or other disorders, dogs may show more signs of anxiety.

The signs most dogs exhibit when they suffer from anxiety and stress are shaking or trembling, hiding from others, separation from other animals and humans, growling, and even aggression. Usually, dogs, like humans, have certain stressors that they may perceive to be dangerous and threatening to themselves or others, which is why aggression and shaking can be seen in dogs with anxiety disorders. According to, “Many diseases are associated with symptoms that look identical to those seen with canine anxiety. Once your veterinarian has given your dog a clean bill of health, they can help you choose between the following types of medications and treatments that are commonly used to treat anxiety in dogs.”

Some animals struggle with the fear of missing food or fear of being harmed by those around this. This is especially common in animals that have been abused in the past by their owners or had to fight for food.

Fortunately, now that CBD oil (though it comes from the cannabis plant it doesn’t contain THC like medical marijuana) has become available to pet owners, there is a natural solution for helping dissuade anxiety in dogs and help them to achieve more normal and positive interactions with those around them. Surprisingly, CBD products and especially CBD oil for dogs with anxiety is one of the best available treatments on the market that can be given orally to animals. There are other good options for treating anxiety through behavioral therapy and special clothing for situations such as thunder; however, the way that CBD hemp oil works to help relieve internal anxiety for dogs makes it the best solution currently available. One of the great things about CBD oil is that it helps to build up serotonin levels in animals that can help treat generalized anxiety and situational anxiety.

According to Holista Pet: “CBD is the short abbreviation for Cannabidiol, which is one of the 113 active cannabinoids found in the plant cannabis. Sometimes referred to as hemp oil,CBD oil is the extracted oil of the plant that contains concentrated amounts of Cannabidiol.” Companies like Holista Pet have now found ways to create treats and oils from these cannabinoids to help treat dogs suffering from anxiety issues.

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A dogs hearing is four times more acute than a human’s. You better watch what you say!

Creating a safe place for your dog is important to help them feel secure. Often, dogs with anxiety issues will do better in a situation that is stable and unchanging. When dogs are moved around frequently or have different changes to their schedule, or spend large amounts of time without their owner, they sometimes develop more anxiety issues. Especially in the case of previously neglected animals, providing a predictable daily routine in a comfortable home with a bed for your dog and regular feeding times can be instrumental in helping ease your dog's stress and fear.

For certain dogs, implementing regular feeding times can be one of the most helpful things an owner can do to help reduce anxiety symptoms. It’s important to speak to your veterinarian about what symptoms and signs your dog shows and at what times during the day their symptoms become worse. Tracking these symptoms at times can help your veterinarian understand what is causing your dog’s anxiety and will help the provide a better course of action for treating your dog.

Dog Shame Anxiety

Dogs can suffer from shame anxiety as well

Some dogs have significant anxiety when they need to urinate and defecate. Owners may wonder why their dog runs under the bed to use the restroom. Often, this is due to abuse in the past. Your dog may have been punished for using the restroom, yelled at, or even hit when they used the bathroom indoors.

Dogs who have suffered this type of abuse often develop serve cases of post-traumatic stress disorder which appears whenever they need to use the restroom. In order to help your dog deal with this type of anxiety, you must make sure to never shame your dog from hiding under the bed to use the bathroom, make sure to never rub your dog’s nose in their urination or to scold them for their behaviors.

Even if you’ve never scolded your dog for using the restroom, their previous owner may have been very abusive and cause your dog to have issues regarding this behavior. The process to reduce this anxiety can, unfortunately, be long and difficult. You’ll need to take your dog outside frequently for potty breaks and give them quiet praise after they’ve used the restroom outdoors. You’ll also want to make sure that you never scold your dog for peeing indoors, instead remain perfectly calm and act as if it never happened.

This is an image of an overweight, anxious bulldog.

Weight Gain And Overeating In Dogs

Dogs struggling with anxiety can develop weight problems

Sometimes, dogs struggling with anxiety develop weight problems and resort to overeating to deal with their stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, this can be very detrimental to your dog’s health and can be hard for owners to deal with. Dogs that deal with anxiety by overeating sometimes eat items that can be dangerous for their health and can cause them to be hospitalized. Treating this type of anxiety is important to help your dog stay healthy in the future, as much internal damage can be caused when dogs eat items that are harmful to their health. Using essential oils and CBD hemp oil is a great way to help your dog deal with stressful situations and feelings that cause them to overeat and have weight problems.

According to, they stated: “Being overweight or obese—whether it’s you or your pet—can lead to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and even cancer. Before you exercise your dog, talk to his veterinarian. Certain exercises, such as running or even jogging, are not recommended for puppies whose bones haven’t finished growing and for some short-legged and short-nosed breeds.” Helping your dog with stress management by exercising regularly and using CBD oil for anxiety relief are good ways to help your dog maintain a healthy weight.

Calming Techniques For Dogs With Anxiety

The techniques to calm your dog during an attack are simple

One of the best ways to help your dog overcome anxiety is to use various calming techniques which can be especially helpful during an anxiety “attack.” Anxiety attacks generally describe the onset of anxiety, during which your dog will exhibit many of the symptoms of anxiety. During these attacks, which can be triggered by events like thunder or fireworks, it’s important to use specific techniques to help your dog become calmer and reduce stress and fear. These techniques usually include giving a massage, putting on an anxiety jacket or thunder jacket, which holds a dog tightly and helps them to feel more secure, and you can at this point administer CBD oil to help your dog feel calmer and more comfortable.

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OTC Medications For Dog Anxiety

CBD oil and hemp oil go a long way with helping dog anxiety

In the past, many veterinarians treated anxiety in animals with antihistamines such as Benadryl; however, it’s important to remember that not all OTC medications are safe for animal consumption. While basic antihistamines have been proven effective in treated sudden attacks of anxiety in animals, they do not do quite as much to help your animal improve in the future. Antihistamines help your dog to relax but this is usually due to causing increased drowsiness.

Therefore, helping your dog to either sleep through an event that is frightening or be calmer and show fewer symptoms of their anxiety attack. Since some dogs struggle with more generalized anxiety that is not triggered by any particular event, antihistamines can’t always be used and shouldn’t be used on an everyday basis.

Using CBD oil is preferred as it can be given on a more regular basis and works to help your dog become more well adjusted in their environment, regular use of CBD oil has shown to help dogs that suffer from generalized anxiety disorders and has proven effective in dogs who suffer from more intense anxiety disorders due to past abuse or neglect.

When dealing with animals that have suffered from abuse and neglect, it’s important to incorporate behavioral training and therapy, give them more affection and attention, and, if possible, incorporate regular massage therapy. Since these dogs often struggle with fear of abandonment, their owners may choose to incorporate CBD oil to help dogs deal with their anxiety when the owner is unable to be near the animal.

You can also purchase products and treatments for your dogs that have nutritional supplements that are known to help improve your dog’s anxiety and stress levels, according to, “The following active ingredients have some scientific evidence to support their usefulness:


Nutritional supplements that contain L-theanine like Anxitane or Composure—are thought to work by increasing serotonin, dopamine, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) levels in the central nervous system.

S-adenosyl-methionine (SAMe)

Nutritional supplements that contain SAMe like Denosyl or Novifit—are thought to work by increasing serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine levels in the brain.”

This an image of a happy, lab that has no anxiety because he was exercised.

Exercising Your Dog To Alleviate Stress And Anxiety

A quick fix for stress and anxiety is to exercise your dog daily

Another great way to help treat an animal’s anxiety is with regular exercise. Just like with humans, animals respond particularly well to getting regular exercise, which helps to release positive chemicals such as endorphins through their body. Endorphins released during exercise can help the animal to experience a more positive mood and feel more confident throughout the day.

Excising with your dog need not be extremely intense to reap the benefits of the activity. You can help your dog to get exercise indoors by throwing balls or playing games. Walks, jogs, and visits to your local dog park are great ways to help your dog get the exercise that their bodies need to function properly and improve their mental state.

Animals that get regular exercise often struggle less with separation anxiety. What’s more, if you are a dog owner who works away from home a lot, it may be particularly important to consider hiring a dog walker to help your animal get regular exercise and help them feel less anxious during the day.

Follow these tips for healthy, positive exercise with your dog:

* Play games like fetch and frisbee with your dog. Try to refrain from playing tug of war with your dog as this game enforces negative behavior in some dogs.

* Walk or jog, but don’t run with your dog. It’s much better for your pup to walk or job with breaks than it is to go on long runs. Dogs naturally run and stop, they sometimes struggle to keep up with humans who decide to go on long runs without stopping. Make sure that your dog can keep pace with you comfortably and provide water for your dog before, after, and during exercise.

* Spend time teaching your dog new tricks and training your dog commands. Training dogs are not only beneficial to humans it also helps the dog. They learn how to better communicate with their owners which can help them to reduce anxiety and feel more comfortable. Training also helps your dog to develop stronger cognitive skills. Training sessions are valued by dogs who enjoy spending time positively interacting with you.

* Walk your dog on a leash. While it might seem like your dog enjoys getting off their leash to romp about, it’s better for your dog to walk with a leash on. It helps to prevent accidents with other dogs and keeps them safer. If you want your dog to be able to run freely try visiting your local dog park.

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Administering CDB Oil To Help Treat Your Dogs Dementia Anxiety

Recent studies in animals have shown that CBD oil is especially helpful for treating dementia. Due to its calming nature, CBD oil can help to prevent unwanted anxiety when dogs become older. Some dogs develop aggression when they are suffering from old age and dementia due to fear, inability to see properly, and disorientation. If your dog has developed aggression and struggles to understand what commands you’re giving them, it can be greatly beneficial to incorporate CBD oil into their diet. It’s shown to improve memory function and even reverse mind deterioration in older animals. According to Dogs Naturally Magazine: “For dogs suffering from degenerative myelopathy and other spine and nerve issues, CBD shows a lot of promise. It’s been shown to help patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease by protecting the brain cells from toxicity.” Using CBD oil is one way you can help your dog feel less pain and stress in their older years.

Essential Oils For Dogs With Anxiety

The best essential oils available to help your dog with anxiety

You can use essential oils to help your dog develop positive associations with smells of essential oil which will help to calm your dog during times of anxiety. Essential oils come in a variety of forms. Some essential oils are mixed brews, containing a variety of essence from different flowers and herbs. You can also purchase quality essential oils that contain essence from just one herb, see how your dog reacts to the oils. Some people choose to burn or use two different essential oils simultaneously to create the desired effect, while others use an oil that contains a mixed recipe.

Burning essential oils, also known a diffusing, is one of the best methods for treating dog anxiety with essential oils. To do this properly, it’s important to make sure that your dog is able to develop a positive association with the smell of the oil. This requires more work in the forming of training.

To train your dog to react positively to the smell of essential oils, you’ll need to interact very positively with your dog while the essential oils are being diffused. The best way to do this is by regularly diffusing the oils at a certain time during the day when your dog is at its calmest. This could be after a feeding at night or after an exercise session during the day. You’ll want to diffuse the essential oil and pet your dog with a bit of pressure usually making long strokes from the nape of your dog’s neck down to the base of the tail. This mimics the mother dog’s tongue during infancy and will help to calm your dog.

Since dogs are especially sensitive to smell, diffusing the oil works very well when combined with calming massage. Another option that some trainers use is to put a tab of peanut butter on a spoon and relax and pet your dog while they eat the peanut butter. Doing these two things while the essential oil is burning will help your dog to associate the smell of essential oils with relaxation and comfort.

Once you’ve spent time with your dog, developing a relaxing technique make sure use the oils when your dog is more anxious. For example, try diffusing the oil during a thunderstorm or during fireworks. You can also diffuse oil in a new apartment or home to help your dog adjust to a new environment or burn the oil while you’ve left for work. This will help your dog to become more relaxed and feel the burden of stress and fear less.

Never Put Essential Oils Directly Onto Your Dogs Skin Or fur

Essential oils are not made to be administered directly to the skin. Essential oils can cause many problems for your animal if applied onto the skin, such as irritation, rashes, itches, burns, and even internal problems such as liver damage. Since essential oils have the propensity to cause serious and minor allergic reactions and skin damage, it’s important that this is never used as a calming method. The irritation could cause an adverse reaction which impacts any positive effects that the oils could have in the future. If you have accidentally applied oil directly to your dog’s skin, make sure that you wash them thoroughly and refrain from using essential oils to endeavor to treat anxiety in the future.

Once your anxious dog has had a negative experience with essential oils it’s likely that their use in the future would only cause their anxiety to worsen. Don’t continue to try to introduce essential oils if your dog shows sign of disliking them. This can only cause problems for both you and your dog. stated: “Dogs are more sensitive to essential oil than humans so you can’t just jump right in. It’s a gradual process. When you are first wanting to introduce your dog to essential oil it’s important to dilute the oil to test your dog’s tolerance to the oil.” Make sure to learn about dilution and how to use essential oils properly so that you don’t cause injuries to your animal when using these oils.

German Shepherd that is calm from essential oils and CBD.

Best Calming Essential Oils for Dogs

Essential oils are a great way to calm your anxious dog

When you are choosing to treat your dog with essential oils it’s important to select oils that are known to be calming. Some essential oils have an energizing effect which would make essential oil training more difficult and less effective in the long term. The essential oils that work best for calming dogs are lavender, chamomile, orange, sweet marjoram, and clary sage. Of these, lavender is perhaps the most calming essential oil and is perfect for use during nighttime behavioral training sessions as it helps humans attain better sleep as well. In their article on essential oils and dogs, suggests that aromatherapy using oils such as lavender can be extremely beneficial for dogs. “Aromatherapy works really well for dogs, just like humans. If your pup is stressed, diffuse some lavender in the air. There are so many benefits to aromatherapy and it can be used for a multitude of reasons. You can either get a diffuser or just have your dog smell the essential oil straight from the bottle or place on your hands and have your dog smell your hands.”

Lavender Essential Oil

If you could only purchase one essential oil to help your dog learn to remain calm and treat their anxiety, lavender essential oil is the top pick of all the oils. Lavender essential oil is shown to be highly calming and have an immediate effect upon animals and humans alike. It’s been used for centuries to ease suffering and even help reduce pain from burns and skin problems.

Best For:
* Thunderstorms and fireworks
* Calming dogs during the day and treating separation anxiety
* Pre-veterinarian visits
* During vacations when the dog is left at home with a sitter

Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile is another very calming essential oil made from the chamomile flower. Chamomile essential oil has been shown to effectively treat anxiety and stress in animals and humans. If you are applying this to your pet’s skin in a highly diluted form, it can be helpful for dogs that also suffer from cancer. It’s especially helpful when treating dogs that suffer from PTSD symptoms and have been abused or neglected in the past.

Best for:
* Stressed animals
* Previously abused or neglected animals
* Dogs with cancer
* Dogs with shame anxiety

Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil is effective for helping to lift your dog’s mood. This is a great essential oil to use if your dog has recently undergone surgery or to use before and after veterinarian visits. Orange essential oil has a sedative effect which can be particularly helpful in treating dogs with separation or situational anxiety. Due to its mood enhancing effects its also helpful for older dogs who suffer from dementia-related anxiety and animals who have been in car wrecks or experienced aggression from another animal.

Best for:
* Separation anxiety
* After surgeries/veterinarian visits
* Situational anxiety, moves, vacations
* After alarming or frightening experiences

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

Marjoram is shown to be effective at helping sick animals and helping calm dogs with epilepsy. Its uses include antibacterial assistance and helping to cure colds and fevers. It also helps dogs experiencing dementia and problems from old age and blindness as it helps to improve brain function. It has also been shown to help with weight maintenance when applied to dog’s skin in a highly diluted form. If your dog is struggling to lose weight or has issues with overeating due to anxiety using this essential oil will be very helpful in aiding your dog.

Best for:
* Common colds and sickness in dogs
* Older dogs experiencing dementia anxiety
* Increasing brain function
* Helping dogs with over eating problems, a common sign of anxiety
* Weight maintenance

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary sage essential oil is commonly used due to its anti-spasmodic properties and its ability to improve mood and treat depression. Dogs with epilepsy and dogs that have trouble calming down will likely do well with this type of essential oil. It’s good for use during convulsions and can be diffused during your dog’s seizure to help them feel calmer and more comforted. It also helps to eliminate bad odors in the air which can help your dog to feel more comfortable in their environment.

Best for:
* Relief for dogs with epilepsy
* Creating a calm comforting environment for your dog
* Reducing negative feelings and improving depressed mood
* Good for use while on vacation

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Another oil worth mentioning is black pepper oil. This is a great anti-inflammatory oil and can be used with dogs that are suffering from pain due to arthritis and aching joints. It’s important to use this oil in a highly diluted form but has been shown to be very effective in easing the pain in dogs which can, in some cases, cause anxiety.

Best for:
* Dogs suffering from joint pain
* Arthritic dogs
* Easing anxiety after surgeries

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Essential Oils That Should Never Be Used With Your Dog

Not all essential oils are helpful to your dog. In fact, some will cause bad reactions and can be extremely harmful to your pet. These oils aren’t advised to be used when treating animal anxiety and should never be applied to your animal’s skin, even in a highly diluted form. Essential oils to stay away from are:

* Clove
* Yarrow
* Garlic
* Horseradish
* Thyme
* Wintergreen
* Pennyroyal
* Rue
* Mugwort

Using any one of these essential oils could cause a major problem for your dog. If you think that your dog has accidentally been exposed to these essential oils it’s important to seek treatment from the veterinarian as soon as possible. These oils have been shown to trigger life-threatening reactions which will need to be treated in the emergency room or animal hospital.

It’s extremely important to always use caution when using any essential oils with your animals. These oils can be dangerous for animals if not used correctly. If you are unsure of whether or not these oils could be helpful for your animal or aren’t sure how to use them properly make sure to seek help and guidance from your dog’s veterinarian or an expert on dogs and essential oils before trying to treat anxiety issues with essential oils. They are best used as a training tool, not as an application or dietary method.

CBD dosage information for dogs with anxiety.

Dosage Information For CBD Oil

How much CBD oil should I give my dog

How much CBD oil you should give your dog largely depends on the manufacturer of the CBD oil. Most CBD oil manufacturers provide instructions regarding dosing information for pet owners. Make sure to pick CBD oils that are specifically made for pets as these will be the best option for treating your pet’s illnesses as well as will contain the right blend for animals. It’s also important to consult your pet’s veterinarian before giving any CBD oil to your animal and find out if it is a good option for your pet. You can ask your veterinarian to provide you with proper dosing information and tips and tricks to offering CBD oil products to your dog. Many pet CBD oil manufacturers provide various options for administering the CBD oil, many even make crunchy pet biscuits and treats which contain the oil. recommends the following course of action to pet owners when beginning a CBD oil treatment program. “Monitor the signs and symptoms over a few days to a week’s time. Make adjustments based on your pet’s response.” By following these recommendations you’ll be able to see how your pet responds to CBD oil therapies.

Reading The Charts For CBD Dosage

As most manufacturers provide charts for pet owners to understand how to properly provide the right amount of CBD oil to their dogs, you’ll have to learn how to use the charts properly. Most charts will use the weight of your dog and give you the correct amount of oil to administer based on your dog’s weight. Make sure to have your dog weighed on a dog scale at your veterinarian’s office to be able to follow the manufacturers instructions on CBD oil dosing.

Don’t give your dog more than the recommended dose, as this likely won’t be of any more benefit to your dog. It’s most important to give the doses regularly to see the full benefit of the oil. Overdosing your dog will not be helpful.

If you see strange symptoms or your dog’s behavior seems unusual in a negative way, call your veterinarian and find out what he suggests you do.

Giving Crunchy CBD Treats To Your Pet

As with the CBD oil, it’s important not to give your pet too many crunchy CBD treats. Make sure to read the product information and only give as many crunchy treats to your dog as the manufacturer suggests. Even if your dog really seems to like the crunchy treats, don’t give your dog too many treats. If your dog has got into the crunchy treats and you can’t tell how many treats your dog has consumed, you’ll likely want to take your dog to the local animal hospital to be observed. Make sure that when you hire pet sitters they that the CBD oil treats are not to be given as normal treats and should only be given on a set schedule. You can also incorporate normal crunchy treats that don’t contain CBD oil if your dog enjoys receiving treats during training sessions.

Don’t Use Crunchy CBD Oil Treats For Behavioral Training

If your dog is suffering from anxiety and stress, working regularly on dog training sessions can significantly help your dog to become calmer and understand how to communicate with you better. Regular training sessions can be done without the use of treats and it is advisable not to use treats during these sessions. It’s very important that, if you use training treats during training sessions, not to use CBD oil treats and instead use treats specifically made for training your dog. This will help ensure that you don’t accidentally give your dog more CBD oil treats than is recommended.

Vet CBD Dosing Chart For CBD

Some veterinarians have specific oils that they use with certain dogs and provide their own CBD dosing charts. These are usually even better resources that the manufacturer of the CBD oil. Make sure to ask your vet about if they have a dosing chart that you can use and which oil they recommend for your dog’s specific anxiety disorder or illness.

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CBD Oils Impact On Health Conditions For Dogs

CBD oil for dog seizures and other health conditions

CBD Oil can be used as a method to help dogs that experience seizures. If your dog has never experienced a seizure before, it is very important that you take your dog to the vet to determine what the cause of the seizure is. Seizures in dogs can be caused by more serious health issues such as kidney and liver problems and they can even be caused by problems with blood pressure. Before choosing how to treat your dog’s seizures, it’s important to determine what the cause of the seizure is, as some seizures can be caused by ingestion of toxic materials.

Treat underlying causes of your dog’s seizures before determining other method for alleviating dog seizures. Although seizures in dogs can be caused by other problems with its health, most seizures are caused by epilepsy and, therefore, these dogs will be helped immensely by administering CBD oils.

Dogs can have seizures for a variety of reasons. Usually, dogs that have frequent seizures suffer from a condition known as epilepsy. If your dog suffers from epilepsy, it can be especially traumatic for both the dog and the owner.

CBD oil is especially helpful for dogs who suffer from epileptic seizures. CBD oil has been recognized by the American Epilepsy Society as an official anticonvulsant and has incredible benefits for those animals and humans suffering from this disorder. As seizures in dogs can cause their body temperature to rise and can significantly shorten the lifetime of a dog, it is highly recommended to begin treatment with CBD oil as quickly as possible.

Administering this medicine to your dog can have incredible benefits and help to provide them with a better quality of life. CBD oil is shown effective at reducing the number of seizures in dogs when used regularly.

Make sure not to skip doses of CBD oil if your dog suffers from epilepsy. This is especially important when you are having your dog boarded or are leaving town for vacation. Give proper instructions to your pet sitters on how to administer the CBD oil and make sure that they know what to do in case your dog does have a seizure.

CBD Oil For Dogs With Cancer

If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, treating the side effects with CBD oil has been shown to be very effective. Although CBD oil is not suitable as a method of cure for cancer, it can help manage pain, appetite, seizures, and other medication side effects. While you are working with your vet to find the best cure for your dog, regularly giving your dog a higher dose of CBD oil is important.

As many dogs suffer severely from lack of appetite, the ability of CBD oil to increase your dog’s desire to eat food is especially helpful during a struggle with cancer. Dogs in the past have had less chance of surviving cancer diagnosis due to the side effects of cancer drugs on dogs, such as pain and loss of nutrients from lack of calories and inability to stomach food. CBD oil is able to provide much-needed comfort and stress relief to dogs struggling with this illness.

Although it cannot cure cancer in dogs, incorporating CBD oil into your dog’s treatment program will significantly improve your dog’s chances of living longer and possibly recovering from cancer.

CBD Oil For Stopping The Spread Of Cancer

One of the most difficult aspects of treating cancer is stopping the spread of cancer and killing cancerous cells. CBD Oil helps encourage the body to complete this process more naturally, by supporting the body’s natural cannabinoids, which alert the body to cells that are not needed in the body. Cancer causes the body to stop normal processes and, instead, turn a blind eye to the creation of new unwanted cells. According to Innovet, hemp helps stop the spread of cancer. “Scientists have seen phytocannabinoids kill cancer cells by forcing them to signal for programmed cell death known scientifically as apoptosis. Healthy cells become cancerous in the first place when they become mutated and don’t naturally die after dividing so many times to produce new cells.”

Fortunately, CBD oil can help your pet's body strengthen its internal control system and reduce the amount of cancer in the body and stop new cancerous growth from continuing.

CBD oils ability to help the body improve its natural function makes it an essential part of treatment for a dog with cancer. Many drugs that humans use to cure cancer cannot be used safely on canines. But CBD oil provides a safe way to help your dog have a fighting chance.

Golden retreiver eating CBD oil mixed in with his food.

Combining CBD Oil With Hemp Oil In Your Dog’s Diet

Whether your dog is suffering from cancer or another painful illness, or you would just like to use preventative methods, using these two oils in combination can be very helpful for your dog. Hemp oil is high in omega-3 and omega-6, they help to give your dog’s coat a healthy shine and will also help to support their heart health, which is especially important if they have an illness such as epilepsy or are undergoing treatment for cancer. Innovet recommends checking to ensure that hemp oil you purchase is high quality. “A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is lab tested results ensuring the hemp product contains what it says it contains.” This suggests that most reliable companies will have this available for potential customers to view.

CBD Oil Is an Essential Part of Proper Therapy for Sick Dogs

CBD oil has been shown to be very effective in helping dogs and humans recover from serious illness and improve their mental and emotional state. Anxiety, stress, seizures, and even cancer can all be alleviated by incorporating CBD oil into your dog’s treatment plan. CBD oil is one of the best treatments available on the market, finding the best oil is imperative for helping your dog to have a better quality of life.

Treating your dog’s anxiety is extremely important because, not only will it help your dog have a better life, but it will also help you enjoy time spent with your dog. Using the methods described in this article you’ll be able to give your dog a whole new life no matter what they experienced in the past. Whether your dog is recovering from an abusive past or gets very afraid of thunderstorms and going to the vet, or your dog simply has a difficult time dealing with time away from you, treating your pet's anxiety with CBD oil is a great way to help them move on to having a better life.

By using healthy behavioral training techniques and incorporating essential oils, aromatherapy, exercise and healthy CBD treats, like FOMO Bones, you’ll be able to change you and your pet’s lives. Try FOMO Bones today and see how these all-natural cbd dog treats for pets with anxiety will help you pet start feeling less anxiety and stress.